Design Matters

Stephen Peretti

Principal, Peretti Design

Welcome to Peretti Design

Peretti Design is a boutique design firm with a passion for creating the ideal balance between style and purpose.

We Listen. We Learn. We Think.

These three steps are the foundation to intelligent design and facilitate a synergy of form and function.

The creative process is an evolving task; developing human-centered solutions is often a circuitous journey. We immerse ourselves in the design challenge and explore a multitude of possibilities. With a focus on objectives, we brainstorm, conceptualize, model, prototype and develop ideas.

Design matters immensely… with 25 years of experience; we know how to bring value in developing ideas. We challenge established notions and concepts, yet we tip our hat to those who paved the way as we often stand on their shoulders as we design new, exciting and insightful solutions.

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